Dad groped my girlfriend while I was at work

盈幣寶Bingbon用戶代為操盤風險提示I am in love with cummer 3 years, prepare to give cummer next year originally dress, but cummer does not answer my phone today. Girlfriend told the truth in the mail break up, the original mother to a meeting in other places, father seriously ill, girlfriend to take care of his father! Father to cummer blame reason, cummer dare not make a noise, then father take advantage of me to go to work to cummer inbreak, although did not succeed, fight violently with cummer however. Cummer is injured very say can’t bear the behavior of prospective father-in-law, how do I do? Hello, about a father harassment and even attack my future daughter-in-law, such a thing is rare, but it is also關於IOS用戶使用企業證書的說明-盈幣寶 sometimes. First of all, I feel unable and sad for you to have such an unscrupulous father. If your father is a beast, I am afraid it is disrespect to him. But what he has done is not like an old man who is dozens of years old. One, that your father was not a man of common character; Two, your father was an extreme womanizer; Three, your father has no minimum sense of honor and shame. Since you spread on such a dad, in addition to sad sad angry, or to face the ideal to deal with the problem. At this moment, one side is my father, one side is my girlfriend, you have to do a good balance. If you really do not have the heart to clean up the dirty behavior of father, can tell t網頁版體驗測試 -盈幣寶his matter to mother, let mother pick up his. About cummer patience not your father’s behavior, and you make contradiction, you also can only be earnest and earnest of good to comfort her, inform her to assure a method to let old father not for example, no longer make this kind of immoral behavior. If true not line, can try to let old mama come forward to take father or replace father to say an apology to cummer. In a word, to understand and respect the girlfriend’s choice, private detective think any woman is difficult to endure my future father-in-law, to myself do so despicable shameless behavior. I think your girlfriend isn’t just freaked out by your dad, she’s probably USDT軍備競賽-盈幣寶just as worried about whether her bad genes will be passed on to you, shaking her confidence in you. So, now you want to double female friendly some for himself, as the saying goes, faith moves mountains, only need to spare no effort to do your girlfriend’s work, a little tender loving care to take care of her, she simply do not have what problem between you two, your relationship will continue to be, is the most let his girlfriend and father insisted that the necessary interval after bai, after marriage is not separate living together, just you can do it ways to ensure that his girlfriend “peace”, no longer “harassment” by his father, and your girlfriend get through the fee【盈幣寶】-bingbon-台灣上線首月,日交易額突破30億台幣(約1億美元)lings of a crisis.

金門徵信社推薦It has been 7 years since I got married with my husband. Only after I got married did I know that he snored like thunder every night. I couldn’t fall asleep. Snoring is particularly big, has he been to the hospital the doctor advised him to lose weight, height 175, weight 210), said the operation risk and recurrence, particularly fast, but he could not control myself each meal to let him eat less he will quarrel with me, for seven years, we communicate less and less, sometimes nightmares woke up in the middle of the night the husband is wanting to be by my side, the stress of work during the day wish I can go home at night on the husband’s arms to watch TV about heart pillow in his arms, sleeping is a private investigator to me all this luxury, we will not talk now, there is a sense of loneliness and insecurity, I said to him: the husband you chat with me, Care about me. He said every day you want to say what, to meet the recent work pressure is particularly big, as if they are coming to the depression and let him talk with me last night he make me like a trial prisoners our quick answer, I said to normal communication, he said he would never expect him to tender and considerate, so now also said that after the way he is. I now want to cry also cry not to come out, the brain seems to be wrong, I even feel alive too tired, want to end his parents so let me live, but I really tired, have a little pessimistic really want to find a nobody place shouted loudly with the husband have been mar女子徵信社ried for 7 years, after marriage didn’t know he was snoring I can’t sleep every night, dizzy vomiting all sorts of uncomfortable to work during the day, had no choice but to sleep time. Snoring is particularly big, has he been to the hospital the doctor advised him to lose weight, height 175, weight 210), said the operation risk and recurrence, particularly fast, but he could not control myself each meal to let him eat less he will quarrel with me, for seven years, we communicate less and less, sometimes nightmares woke up in the middle of the night the husband is wanting to be by my side, the stress of work during the day wish I can go home at night on the husband’s arms to watch TV about heart pillow in his arms, sleeping all this to me is a l婦幼徵信社BLOGuxury, we will not talk now, private detectives have a sense of loneliness and insecurity, I said to him: the husband you chat with me, Care about me. He said every day you want to say what, to meet the recent work pressure is particularly big, as if they are coming to the depression and let him talk with me last night he make me like a trial prisoners our quick answer, I said to normal communication, he said he would never expect him to tender and considerate, so now also said that after the way he is. I want to cry now also cry not to come out, the brain seems to be all messed up, I even feel alive too tired to want to end their own, parents let me live like this, but I really tired, a little world-weary really want to find a no one’s place lo女子國際徵信udly shout loudly.

Private detective, married man counting my money

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社My story may be a little long. Twenty-three years ago, I was introduced to marry a teacher. I have no uncle and aunt, on my mother, my mother married, I grew up in my grandfather, he also into my grandfather. In the beginning, I lived in an old house. When I said that the house was not built, I would quarrel with me in the middle of the night, make the bed sound with my buttocks or feet, and swear at people in my mouth. You ask him what to scold, he quarrel with you, sometimes even fight. My grandparents were very worried. They built the house when my son was seven years old. My grandmother was overworked and died of illness. A little better for a few years, but we don’t talk much, private detective. I try not to talk too much. Three years ago, I was in poor health, and his brothers and sisters came to see me, saying that they had a good development in their own side. Every household demolition had three or four houses to take, and each family could take out a few square meters and give one to him, asking him to sell the house here. I just heard it at the top of the stairs and told him that I would not sell the house. If I wanted to live in it, I would let him live in yours. Probably from that time begin in the mind not comfortable, a lot otaiwan private detective徵信社f things are to seek a thing intentionally, for instance salary card before I get, slept to midnight to wake you last year, say next: my every month salary gets out good doctor disease. I don’t touch his salary in anger. The son reads the university to call to him to want the living expenses, he didn’t say what at that time, is about 4:00 PM, eat the dinner also have no words, at 11:00 PM again wake me to say: often call dozen money to son, you dozen more than 100,000 to him. I said you were short of money? Salary can get every month, you get come out to give him, the money that already accumulated I won’t take out now, the place that USES later still is much. He said: the more than $100,000 for your cancer treatment. I am very sad, I have a good courage, never heard a word of concern, now also a series of malicious words, I am very painful, I hate cursing and swearing, I thought of divorce, I would like to ask you to help me analyze, what should I do? Private detective reply: you together 23 years, can’t say together through thick and thin, at least still need husband and wife. What do you think of your husband? 1, inverted door, no play. He entered your house and did not listen to your advice in building a new house. 2, curse people, bad private detective agency徵信社character. Often scold you in the middle of the night, but also with the butt to make noise disgusting you. Occasionally they curse you for cancer. 3. Never caring about your family. You might think he had something to do with grandma’s overwork. He didn’t even ask after your grandmother fell ill and died. 4. Count your assets against you. You said he planned to sell the house when you were around. Later, I also hope you can give more than 100,000 yuan to the children to go to school, and I want to use the money you have saved. Couples like you, collectively, are at odds. Specific point says, not be husband and wife discordance, but female strong man is weak, communication is improper, just became him step by step a big cheat the man that plays with female affection. At the beginning, there is no need to force him to build a house, because a few years earlier and a few years later can not how, if he does not have the ability to carry out this matter, you discuss good, you go to carry out also can not, because building a house this matter you quarreled for seven or eight years. If he is not afraid of you, he will not use his ass to make noise to express his displeasure. As a married man, he wanted dignity, but did he? He is inferior in your private detective agency徵信社family. As for his calculation of your fortune, there was no such thing in the beginning, for in the beginning his pay card had been kept by you, but only after you had rejected his plan of buying and selling a house, he wanted to take it back. From here on, you begin to have a knot in your heart, wary of each other. So at the end of the day he wants you to put hundreds of thousands of dollars into your kids’ education. You argue with him for most of your life, you want him to suddenly care about you love you, the possibility is not very big, but want him not to curse you, it is not difficult. The cost of living that the child goes to school, you let the child seek his father to want directly ok, you say your money leaves him to marry have a child to use, not good? No, you can go half way. You don’t have to be angry. You’re here to enjoy life as long as you live, not to get angry with this bitchy mouth man. If you really don’t want to with him, move divorce thought can also, but with illness remarry a good family is not easy, the first to raise good disease, until the health and then leave better. I just remind you, no matter who remarry, see each other’s merits, give each other a smile. Postscript: mo bully young poor, otherwise, he will bdetective agency徵信社ully you old sick.

What are the behaviors that women dislike most about their husbands

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社Man before marriage for the beloved woman to marry home, usually cover up their own shortcomings and lack of, the best side to show girlfriend. When cummer became wife, the attitude of the man can fit change, inherent life habit shows with respect to original form, because take care of the feeling of wife no longer, often become the fuse that husband and wife contend for, serious still can scare wife away. So, what are the behaviors that women dislike most after marriage? One, smoking. In addition to individual smoking female friends, the vast majority of women do not like the smell of smoke, plus passive smoking harmful health, the most ill husband at home smoke. Summer home can open a window ventilated still better, winter door window is closed, smoke flavour cannot abate, let a woman cannot endure more. Men who smoke have residual smoke smell, bathing and brushing teeth can not be completely removed, it is easy to affect women’s interest. Pregnant women are more sensitive to the smell of smoke, husband smoking at home affects the mood of pregnant women and fetal health development. Consequently, the man that gives up smoking addiction hard, after marriage should acctaiwan detective台灣徵信社ording to the feeling of wife and family, would rather trouble a point to go balcony or toilet satisfy an addiction, also do not smoke in sitting room or bedroom, lest provoke wife to be unhappy, affect family peace and health. Drink too much. Men in the society can not be separated from wine, friends contact feelings to drink, find someone to handle affairs banquet to put wine, every year to celebrate the festival to the wine, wine has become the medium of Chinese contact feelings. However, alcohol is also a double-edged sword. Moderate drinking is beneficial to health, and frequent drinking is harmful to health. Especially after drinking, it is easy to make a fool of yourself, and the smell of alcohol after home is even worse. In fact, the woman does not object to her husband drinking, but bad feeling often drink, mainly worry about damage to health; Make a fool of oneself in drunkenness; Drink alone home not love all; The pungent smell of wine and so on. Man is “rather hurt the body not hurt feelings” by the wind of the wine praised, but can not just friendship regardless of love. Accordingly, the man wants to insist to drink right amount only, thoroughly eliminate private detective台灣徵信社regular excessive drinking, ability is not bored by the wife. Three, lazy. A lot of after marriage female want outside income work already, want to take care of old people and child again, still have to bear when big part housework, a lot of time still tired than the man, hope husband can share some housework actively very much. Although there is no shortage of diligent men who cook and clean the house, most men show little interest in housework after marriage. Some go home after waiting for the wife to take the food on the table, after the meal bowl chopsticks a person throw away, the child cried wife coaxed, oil bottle to not go to help, even wash underwear and smelly socks also let the wife. Men too lazy not only increased the wife’s burden, let her body and mind more tired, also easy to incur dissatisfaction mood. Consequently, the man loves wife to cannot be hanged just on the mouth, should understand wife toil, even if come home hind dozen dozen help, also can let the wife feel warmth. Four, selfish. After marriage, the woman takes the man as her support and hopes that her husband will give her more company and care. A selfish man is usually self-centered, not obprivate detectives台灣徵信社vious before marriage, and his selfish character will show up after marriage. The main performance is the wife as a vassal, no longer try to figure out the woman scheming, small and big feelings, more listen to the different opinions of the wife. The woman spread on selfish man very cannot, blindly tolerate kimono never reconciled, said many and no quiet day can be passed, very easy to affect the feelings of husband and wife. Special demand to the king hard bow, regardless of the feelings of his wife; Prompt him to behave more generous, he will scold you “prodigal mother”; If I buy a dress I like, he will criticize your lack of time. Women are sad to marry such men. In addition to not liking the four behaviors mentioned above, women are more intolerant of domestic violence and promiscuous cheating. Because the nature of violence and derailment is different, the harm is greater, light destroy the feelings between husband and wife, heavy destroy marriage and family, should become married man’s commandment. After marriage, a man plans his career and family and blames things. As long as he gives his wife more company and care, husband and wife can share the happiness and bprivate detectives台灣徵信社eauty of marriage.

There are so many doubts about my marriage that I can’t stand it any longer

婦幼徵信公司My husband is 40 years old. I am 36 years old. I have been with him for 15 years. All the while we were happy, poor and happy. I thought it would last forever. Last year or even the year before last, he would keep in frequent contact with MBA students in Peking University. One day after that, he drank too much in front of me and called a girl to say that he missed her. I was angry. Each time he came back, I look at his mobile phone, can find some clues, they are still frequent contacts, so many students only in touch with her frequently, every information class, let nothing, I also don’t to heart, once found a message, the woman said a sentence, I just want to tell me what do you say a sentence sorry, then asked him, he said he forgot, I didn’t ask again, I believe that his feelings for me, even some changes, by my side is still good to me. 2 night in August last year, I take his mobile phone to play, saw a day earlier in WeChat WeChat and phone with that woman, and the content is nothing, I also don’t care about, on August 5, he and I talked about our life, feelings, and I just freely said a sentence, you, who always insecure, he asked why, I said old contact that help students frequently, he said: no, I ask him, that you contact the female classmates still, he said I haven’t contact, never having contacted since the home work, I really didn’t contact you recently, he said: no, I thought for a long time to don’t tear down, I couldn’t help it, I said there was evidence to ask you, he said no, you do not believe me? I said why did you contact yesterday, he was silent. Seriously, I wouldn’t have asked if he hadn’t lied to me. I found out he was lying to me. I asked what is the meaning of the message, he said he didn’t want to say, he feels not affect the feelings between us, I said you still say, he thought for a long time before said that she liked him, he didn’t reply, the others to send one, god, I do no警民徵信社BLOGt believe ah, of course, he said he didn’t want to say is, can be said is that, if I said you really don’t want to let me sad you still say, thinking for a long time, he just said, I admit I have a favorable to him, but nothing really. I asked him if you didn’t say you liked her. He did. He also said he missed her. I asked him to which step, just start speaking just hug, hold hands, are together to drink, or a lot of people together of the time, I ask if he didn’t continue, he said no, because no chance, he don’t want to tell me that he won’t talk to her, to remove all of their contact information. Then he went to sleep, and I stayed up all night. On the morning of 6th, I woke up and saw him sitting on the bed stroking my head. He didn’t say anything. Before leaving for work, he told me to stop thinking about it. At night after work he saw me not at home, call me, I said sitting in the community, he kept silent. I asked him if he had made it clear, he made it clear, I said the evidence, he said no, of course I was not angry, said as I had hoped, but now did not do, he said that tomorrow to fight, I said no must be in my face today to make it clear. When he came home at night, he would call her and put her on speakerphone. He said he could not live without his family and children. The woman asked him if he had spoken, he said no, the woman hung up, hung up his silence for a long time, said a sentence, everything is over, no intersection. Seeing him in so much pain, I thought it was not as simple as what he said. I asked him if he had kissed me or slept with me. He said he had kissed me. I asked him why he did not tell me yesterday, he said yesterday, I forgot. God, now is still trying to lie to me, I said you exactly how much I don’t know, I asked the bed, he said that really no, they only talk about work, talk about classmates, not the two sides of the family. He said he wasn’t that bad. That was his line. He said, I do too heartless, he originally wanted to deal with this relationship, I was forced, he is now very guilty to others. He was still attached to me and needed time to take it back. He said that he didn’t mean to hurt me, but lost control and went to bed alone without noticing me. The next few days, he has been very please me, I show no enthusiasm, I still no regrets, only occasionally see me cool vent, said I can not be so old, not to respond to him will have no confidence. I slowly changed my attitude and tried to respond to him. Time grew I also slowly put down, accidentally one day, I found a woman’s underwear that does not know origin in his car, and a look had already worn, took off to put in the car, I ask him which come of, he say last time partner (male) buy to his wife, forget to take away, I also did not ask again. Once talked about a friend to divorce his wife got a girlfriend, finally broke up, he asked me, what do you think they have it doesn’t matter, I said there must be some, he said there should be no, feeling that his friends like him, if you really can’t give up easily, that will feel sorry, it won’t be so firmly said broke up. Later a half month all lead of very comfortable, he also CARES me very much, seem to be true broke with her, wholeheartedly good to me. I feel like I’m back. I also think it’s a foregone conclusion, 18 before night come back, he called me and said go out to dinner with me, I said to do meal, he came back, very happy, for I don’t have a very warm, we eat out relatively silent, I asked him to accompany me to go downstairs for a walk, said he didn’t want to go to, want to quietly, just from playing online games, I turned off his computer, let him to accompany my chat, talk about what to do next, he cried, and this is the second time he cry, he said he was really tired, he feel can’t go back now, he needs to think it over. Sleep at night still aroun徵信社 推薦d me holding me. I more think more suffered in the middle of the night, through wine strength I and sister on the phone, I said my pain, I said that I now feel he is disgusting, sleep will think of his cheating, now think of their disgusting scenes together, felt his heart is not in my body, why do you come back, that is because most families, parents and children of pressure, is not really love me, otherwise he won’t do this to me, I am a victim, but do I like beg for his good to me, my feelings too humble, who stayed up again, I can’t believe in him. The more he was treating me now, the more my feelings for him would only fade by the day. To my surprise, when he got up to go to the bathroom, he heard everything, but said nothing. I’m not sure whether they are still in contact with each other now. I’m not sure whether they have not let go of it till now. Last month, they only treated me so well because of their guilt. Since he said he really love me, also did not want to break up with me, why before and after a month difference is so big, really as he said, can’t face me, or anyway you have found, I do not need to pretend guilty, what should do? If do not love me, why do breakfast to me everyday, face go to work can concern me to take good care of oneself? Come back at night why so cold, I want to hug him, he said can’t do. He is really pure responsibility to me now, or feelings, otherwise how can say, he is still afraid to go back, afraid of the future can not be willing to good to me? In a word, there are a lot of doubts that make me almost unable to go on. On the one hand, I love him, on the other hand, his harm to me still exists (although I will not mention it any more), and on the other hand, his attitude towards me now makes me really have no confidence in the future. He’s always giving him time not to jump the gun. I think you don’t want me to see you like this. I’m fine at home alone, and you don’t want to go out

You want a reliable man, not a man who values your money

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社After junior high school graduation, I went out to work, then made a mistake escort, actually is primarily a hostess, be touch chest sounds a lot of things, but I have my principles, and I don’t want to betray body, though I am against tens thousands, or being a jerk occupied guest, he found that I was the first time, let me follow him. He was in his 40s and said he was divorced, but the platinum ring he wore on his ring finger betrayed him. I pretended to be very skillful and said to him, come out to play, talk about what feelings, we will talk about the price. He immediately smiled and said, money is not an issue, let me mention it. I thought $100,000 was a huge price, but he said yes. The first one hundred thousand yuan I did not spend a penny, all dozen home to my mother, because this money, is my body for, I do not spend. Later, I paid a very high price for the 100,000 yuan. He forbade me to see my friends, neither men nor women were allowed, and I had to wait for him at home. Every time he came, he just had sex with me. I silently wrote down the phone of his wife, let her come to look for me, when she came, I and little old man are lying on the bed, I was his wife dozen two slap, I didn’t cry, I instead smiled, I finally can abovemely and openly left him. After leaving him, I went to another prosperous city. Soon, I returned to my old job as a hostess. I said the wine, is really the wine, there, I met the present husband, his brothers ordered several girls, I was one of them, just sitting beside the husband, he asked me to drink less, do not know why, I had a different feeling to him at that time. Incidentally, he often came to play, but every time he asked me to drink less, his brothers to girls, he just gently around my waist. My sisters, who live with me, told me to stop thinking about it, to stop talking about relationships, to talk about relationships with clients, and to ask him for more tips if he likes it. Maybe at that time I love, I think love is love, although my occupation humble, but I also have the qualification to love a person. Once he and a few brothers to play, he drank, his brothers gave him a room, let me take care of him at night, also gave me a tip of 1K, I do nottaiwan detective台灣徵信社 know why I was particularly happy, not because of 1000 yuan, but I finally qualified to be so close to him, and just the two of us. He was so drunk that he threw up several times in the evening. When he woke up the next day, after eating the congee I had bought, he muttered, ‘you’re so much better than my ex-girlfriend.’ I said casually, but I still envy your ex-girlfriend ah, at least you like her. ‘I like you too,’ he said. ‘why else would I have come with you last night?’ He was drunk, he said, but not broken. His brother’s arrangements were laid down by him. He said he is not a big boss, he lost money in business, not only the house debt, but also owe the bank more than $100,000, he asked me would like to be with him this poor man together? He thinks I care about money, but actually I care about him. Although he is 100,000 years old, he graduated from college, and in my eyes, he is more handsome than other guests. I am willing to stay with him, cooking and washing for him every day, and no longer going to nightclubs to drink with him. He no longer went to that sensual place with his rich friends. After living together for 10 months, I got pregnant and his mother asked him to marry me. He told me shyly that he had nothing. He could not even afford milk powder. After marriage, I gave birth to a big fat boy for him, I a person take care of children, do housework, also take care of his mother with periarthritis of shoulder, old people praise me virtuous. I am very happy to be recognized by my mother-in-law. Suddenly, my son is 7 years old, and my husband has gone from being in debt to becoming a successful businessman with tens of millions of assets. I am not surprised at all, because in my eyes, he is so excellent. The family expenses he gave me changed from 1,000 yuan per month to 30,000 yuan per month. He asked me to spend them all, but in fact, I saved everything except 2K calls to my parents regularly every month. I didn’t want to spend any of his money. Last year, he asked me to sign up for adult education and read out an undergraduate course. I don’t like it. I still like watching idol dramas at home every day, taking care of children and serving the elderly. It was the first time I’private detective台灣徵信社d rejected him, and he wasn’t happy, but he didn’t tell me off. From then on, I think he is not quite right, I never read his mobile phone, looking at his cell phone, know that he and his girlfriend together, his former girlfriend is domestic violence is not happiness, divorced, her husband with me after the divorce, the husband said he was guilty, also very remorse, but he can’t resist together happiness with her, he found at the beginning fall in love with her together. Unlike other wives, I don’t blame him, as long as he doesn’t divorce me, as long as he’s with his ex-girlfriend, and as long as he’s behind my back, I don’t have a problem. After all, I’m not good enough for him, from the beginning to the end. I secretly bought the recording equipment and put it in his car. I just want to know, if he really love her, I didn’t think was overheard let I collapse, the driver said he asked X, I know you are single, and you also liked your sister-in-law, rest, can you help me take care of her, you know, she is a good woman, but I now more and don’t have a common language with her, my former girlfriend got divorced from her husband, now also is very poor, she want to be with me, I don’t want to let her down. You don’t rush to answer me, in fact, I am not afraid of divorce will divide the property to her, I just afraid after the divorce, she was targeted by other bad man, rather than let her after the divorce, not good, let you to take care of her, you told me over the years, I trust you, I will give you enough money, let you after food… Driver X said it was too sudden and he needed to think it over. Driver X often comes to my home for dinner. I am quite familiar with him. To be honest, I can still get along with him. But I have no worship for driver x. I only worship my husband. When I heard this recording, I left my son with my mother-in-law, I left the house overnight, I needed to come out. My whole life, only love him, he abandon me, can not me, why want to arrange the rest of my life? Before I’m sorry, I was also save from the cost of living of more than 30 dollars, I would like to never return to the home, I don’t want to see him, I am afraid I can’t help but cry, I am afraid I can’t help private detectives台灣徵信社but to kill that woman, I didn’t hate her, because I thought the husband will not divorce with me, but now, he is not only to divorce with me, also give me to others! Detective shadafei investigation reply: are you idol drama watching too much? Life is not a fairy tale, how you before marriage, that is something you before marriage, since he married you, is the default match with you, you have children for him, for him to raise children, take care of his old mother, you’ve exhausted all the strength to do a good woman behind him, is a very prosperous, female, let him outside struggle without worry, from 100000 spend-more-than-earn, into tens of millions of the rich, you are not humble, on the contrary, you still pretty great. Now, he has cheated on you, he has failed you, he wants to transfer you to his driver, ostensibly love, but actually selfish ah, he wants to peace of mind former good happiness for the rest of his life, he does not want to let conscience be condemned. You should face the matter above board, don’t run away. Put aside your love, you love him, but you also have to think about your son, if he had a child with his ex-girlfriend, how much money will he get to your son. It would be better to divide half his fortune now, than to fight with other women and children over it. You tell him that divorce is ok, you don’t need him to worry about your future things, he has no right to worry about your future things. You marry later, still single, see predestination. A lot of women, think marriage is a lifetime, divorce or break up is the end of the world, think later will never love, really too narrow, wait for you to meet let you move, you will still be desperate to love, a woman like idol drama, how can no longer love? You should pay attention to is, first, get the property, do not pretend to be lofty, otherwise wait for your husband guilty period, not to give you a lot of money, you just know what is the loss of big; Second, after marriage to find a man can talk to get married, do not find an idol level of men married, otherwise you will fall into the whirlpool now, divorced once you can not afford such torture; Third, don’t show your money. Find a man who’s reliable, not a man who private detectives台灣徵信社values your money.

Follow up investigation preparation work

徵信社 評價In human society, all things have objective conditions and laws for their production, existence and development, and have their own inherent characteristics to distinguish them from other things. Therefore, when we study the investigation industry, we must explore the methods and techniques of investigation activities. Foot tracking survey preparation 1. When investigators cannot obtain more information using conventional survey methods, personnel monitoring should be considered to obtain materials. When conducting personnel surveillance, investigators will directly observe what they want to know, including trying to obtain specific evidence; Where possible, direct observation should be sought of the conduct being carried out by the objects of the investigation, and the real purpose of monitoring operations with any kind of personnel is to obtain relevant material or evidence. The success of the monitoring operation is mainly based on the degree of elaboration and prudence of the predetermined action plan before the implementation of the monitoring operation. Whether it is a criminal case or a civil case, whether the situation requires movement surveillance, walking surveillance or vehicle surveillance, or spot surveillance, the importance of scheduled planning is undeniable. When conducting personnel surveillance, the invest徵信社找人igator must take into account the specific requirements of the investigation itself and various environments in the actual surveillance to be performed. Is general stalking used to obtain generally needed material, such as the subject’s habits, social interactions, and lifestyle? Or is it because of the sensitivity of the nature of the case and the need to keep a close eye on the activity of the subject, and the use of clenched surveillance? Investigators need to take these objective factors into account if they are to ensure a satisfactory outcome of the surveillance operation. The developed plan is not consistent with the actual situation, which either leads to the failure of the monitoring operation or makes unnecessary expenditure on time and expense. The scope of the surveillance action plan developed includes: the number of investigators required on the merits; Technical equipment to be used in the whole monitoring process; And possible defects; Exercise surveillance is carried out with a sufficient amount of cash, including small bills and change, to ensure that investigators can easily follow the subject wherever he or she chooses to move. The importance of the preliminary investigation cannot be overemphasized. Especially in extremely sensitive cases, it is not uncommon for two investigators to conduct separate investigations. The company then checks and verifies these two survey plans and USES them as a reference when making plans. Basically, it says this: investigators should first clearly determine what materials and information they need, and then try to conduct surveillance operations over a period of time. Only in this way can we hope to get the information we need. This approach allows investigators to avoid wasting time while they observe people, when they feel less confident or skeptical that they will get the information they need. This approach has proved effective in many cases where background material is required. Investigators spend a lot of time trying to get background information. 3. During the preparation phase, the investigator shall try to determine the maximum period for surveillance. The longer you keep an eye on someone in any action, the more likely you are to alert your subject. Therefore, in the development of effective surveillance action plan, two best worthy of attention should be taken into account to minimize the opportunity of being detected by the object and minimize the time and cost. During the initial investigation, investigators are asked to select clothing that matches the pattern of the area under surveillance. If implementation movement monitoring, surveillance operation of the entire 台灣徵信社-什麼是徵信社region carried out a survey, and investigating the area to be passed by the object may also, after implementation of the preliminary investigation, the investigators for what you need to use the equipment, the heart was completely several, and can decide to use which kind of equipment, such as telescopic device, night-vision goggles or camera. 4. At the end of the monitoring operation, the monitor should write a written report summarizing the whole monitoring process. Therefore, he/she should have corresponding mental preparation when making plans. Preliminary investigation any surveillance, whether movement monitoring or fixed-point monitoring, during the period of developing schemes, investigators will monitor object region, or the first time to see the location of the object, the best – the preliminary investigation, for example: if it is in the object left home early in the morning when implementing movement monitoring, the investigators for the neighbor objects beforehand investigation, so that he can choose a good starting point: around objects can be observed from this starting point on the home, and wait for the object. If targeted surveillance is being carried out and the surveillance is being carried out over a long period of time, investigators need to exercise extra caution and select the best locations for initia徵信社私人調查找人尋人l investigations.

He abandoned his ex-wife and married a girl 20 years younger

After several contact at work, Chen XX was gradually attracted by the young girl’s vitality and enthusiasm, and also vaguely felt dai X’s favorable impression on him. Two months later, the company’s website was up, and the relationship took another step. The affair lasted for two years, during which Chen XX gave dai meng the greatest material satisfaction and gave her a Toyota car worth 240,000 yuan in 2005. But dai X needs more than that. She wants a status and a strong desire to marry a man 20 years her senior. Finally, in 2006, Chen jianping in order to dai meng proposed a divorce to his wife, his wife after learning the truth disheartened, without too much resistance agreed. This silent commitment only increased his wife’s guilt, so he left two-thirds of his property to his ex-wife and daughter. Three years later, a week after their divorce, Chen and dai registered. Since Chen XX has always believed that what wearing X picture is not his property, he has not mentioned th苗栗徵信社推薦e specific content of property distribution with his ex-wife. What he did not think is that when he learned the truth after marriage, dai X turned out to be unaccustomed and obsessed with this issue. Although the dai X after marriage need not go out to work, live a life without worry about food and clothing, but she still is right however the belongings that be divided is carried in mind, often make a scene on this ground, but Chen jianping did not care about, when she is playing childish temper only. Chen XX has to spend half of her working time in other places every year, so she is always busy with her work and social activities even when she comes back to Qingdao. However, dai X’s attitude is also very cold when she comes back home. Due to the serious lack of communication, the marriage relationship between the two quickly drops. Although the heart is anxious, but in order to work Chen XX on dai X’s concern can only be reflected in material, but get more living expenses d警民徵信社BLOGai meng still ignore him, to the end of 2008, this state between two people is to reach the acme. Dai X began not to cook or clean up the room, in addition to going out to spend money is lying on the Internet in front of the computer, completely refused to communicate with Chen XX, two people’s marriage has become nominal, become a sexless marriage. In mid-september 2009, dai meng finally opened her mouth to divorce Chen XX, citing emotional discord. Hua tan, principal of changzhou clairvoyant survey firm, said that when Chen XX came to the firm for help, she did not know that their marriage had a third party. After a week of follow-up, clairvoyant survey company put a photo of dai X and a young man in front of him. Watching the middle-aged man’s sad face, hua felt sympathy. He adjusted his mind and offered Chen a suggestion: “if you say she spends most of her time at home online, the computer probably has the answer you want.” Hua told Chen that there is now a monitoring pr台中徵信社推薦ogram that can be implanted into the computer, and then the operation of that computer can be monitored remotely through the software, to see what dai X did on the Internet and perhaps find evidence of her cheating. Chen XX affirmed this proposal of hta and learned how to install the program and how to conduct remote monitoring under the guidance of hta. In the following month, Chen XX put off all the business trips. After dinner every day, as soon as dai X came into the bedroom, Chen XX would go into the study and use another computer to observe dai X’s online activities. Soon, he found that dai X will chat with a netizen called rufeng every day, call intimate content ambiguous, two days later Chen jianping basically determined that rufeng is the man on the photo. Through monitoring two people chat, Chen XX learned that dai X met this man on the Internet, two people have been together for nearly a year, in the day he left Qingdao they will meet every day, and often to the w警民徵信社BLOGind home tryst.

Chengdu detective company about what kind of man called dandelion?

警民徵信社BLOGThere is a man is rich second generation, also can go to work on time every day, especially considerate to his wife, as if also a national civil servant. But he found a very young girl outside, and together with this girl to create a number of murder cases shocked the country. The reason why the sky is always blue is not to create panic, but to find that this man and your husband have a lot of common characteristics, here we call this kind of man “dandelion man”. What kind of man can be called a dandelion man? Thin as a servant, he usually at home to his wife and children can serve like a servant, in short, in the eyes of outsiders he is a sense of responsibilit徵信社案例y and love the family of a good man; Public, means he has a stable and enviable job in public office; Ying, it is to point to his public praise in the outside is better, have a pair of “ying” handsome and unrestrained appearance and image. However, in their body has some unknown thin dandelion substance, that is, he will be like the dandelion seeds everywhere, like the dandelion has a radical effect on the sexes. This is only the sky forever blue personal summary, perhaps not necessarily scientific and comprehensive, but in real life this kind of thin gongying man is not a few. Bo gongying men have a good background, a good education, a good image and speech, but if you do not really close to them but it is difficult to know his heart wretched. Because they are good at covering up, are particularly good face, will be in front of people after acting. As a result, he himself is very tired, and people with him will be more tired. All this, psychologically, is the result of distorted perfectionism, a chronic imbalance of psychopathy. Maybe they are used to or can only accept the envy of others, but they are unable to control their inner desire and impulse, and even there will be a little bit of that kind of stealing joy and hidden success and pleasure. Just like a lot of stolen things is not necessarily their lack of thing徵信社s, want to get that thing, it is just a habit, is some kind of bad mood catharsis, is some kind of psychological needs. Unfortunately, the sky is never blue not a psychological scientist, “dandelion men” can not be studied on a deeper and broader level. However, I hope that this article of mine can play a role in attracting a little bit of attention from relevant experts and groups. At the same time, I also want to say to this friend yihaijan, the deeper he hides, the deeper he can hurt people, the more impossible and unacceptable he is. The best thing to do is to break with it, because mental ill health can be more destructive to the family and marriage than ph婦幼徵信社ysical ill health.