Reveal the whole process of tracking cheating on a young woman

新北徵信社The company accepted the commission of zhang linlin from changsha recently, carry on investigation to husband liu zhongxiang, understand how the husband that works in shenzhen is off the hook, arrived what level. Reporters followed investigators. His wife was worried that liu zhongxiang would go into business with his family after he graduated from junior high school. Because of his intelligence and ability, he was 21 years old when he was in changsha. After 5 years, the career is successful he married appearance and temperame台北徵信社nt is very good bride zhang linlin. After marriage, liu zhongxiang opened a home appliance sales company and gradually built a marketing network in the country. The business did big, zhang linlin’s worry also came –, the husband needs because of the business, often accompany a client to enter and exit a few hotels, bar, sauna, time grew, the heart of the husband in case “spend”, how to do? Worry or into reality, the recent half a year, liu zhongxiang always to shenzhen on business, sometimes a stay is ten days half a month, f桃園徵信社our or five days will give zhang linlin a call. Zhang linlin managed to get the service password of her husband’s mobile phone. She typed her husband’s call record and text message record in the business hall and found that a number appeared frequently. She tried to use the home phone to dozen past, but the voice that spread a delicate and charming in the phone: “feed, week total ah! How do you call me this time with your home phone?” Zhang linlin almost faint, really want to confront her husband, but want to think about it, o新竹徵信社r first please investigate the company touch the situation. After listening to zhang linlin’s introduction, wang manager of the company’s marriage investigation department analyzed liu zhongxiang’s recent work arrangement. August 13th is the traditional Chinese double seventh festival and Chinese valentine’s day. However, liu zhongxiang’s schedule is as follows: he will go on a business trip in shenzhen to summarize the quarterly sales work in guangdong province, return to changsha early in the morning on August 14th, accompan台中徵信社y his wife in the morning and have a meeting in the afternoon. Investigators immediately identified the time of the investigation as 7 p.m. on Aug. 13 to 7 p.m. on Aug. 14. At 6 o ‘clock in the morning, the sky under a light rain, 2 investigators on time in the company collection, investigators to baoan direction, ready to come to a “wait and see”, waiting for liu zhongxiang’s car. As zhang linlin said, at 7:15 a.m., liu zhongxiang drove a silver buick minivan past the toll booth and down the guangshen highway to the entrance 台南徵信社of a residential area in the center of the body. The car stopped and he seemed to be waiting for someone. Within five minutes, a 20-something girl came out, said hello to liu and got on the bus. The car stopped in front of the restaurant not far away, and the two entered with umbrellas. The investigator then pretended to eat and went in to see them sitting together and laughing at breakfast, which was quietly captured on camera. A breakfast, because liu zhongxiang and his little lover flirtation, actually eat one and a half ho高雄徵信社urs, nearly nine o ‘clock, two people hand in hand out of the restaurant, talking and laughing on the ground car. The car along the road liu zhongxiang went to, it seems to be to the city to patronize the high-end shopping mall. Sure enough, after a 40-minute frenzy, the two drove straight to the jinguanghua square, where they bought cosmetics and women’s clothes. They went shopping for more than 4 hours, entering the mall one by one, picking things one by one, and ending at 2 PM. Later, liu zhongxiang took the girl into the c基隆徵信社haojiangchun hotel of shenzhen sunshine hotel and sat down at a table near the window. In between, the two men cuddled and engaged in some intimate activity that investigators captured on camera. At about 4pm, they finished their meal and drove to a star hotel on shangbu road. Then liu zhongxiang opened his room at the front desk and did not come out until dark. Shortly after 6 p.m., the two investigators who stayed behind noticed that liu zhongxiang walked out of the hotel door with the girl in his arms. After close tracking,中壢徵信社 liu zhongxiang will drive the car to 1912 bar street, two people embrace into a bar, in the bar, they followed the riot of music, passionate kiss, smart liu zhongxiang how also did not expect, all these details, did not escape the investigator’s lens. What does it mean when the video evidence is given to zhang linlin? If nothing goes wrong, he will be divvied up most of the couple’s property and lose custody of his lovely son. Of course, we will try to save the family and share this article in order to wake up those who have 苗栗徵信社been blinded by desire.


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