Marriage survey: how to face the real problems

盈幣寶-USDT傳送教學Marriage survey: how to face the real soil of marriage and love anxiety linshu county planning bureau in shandong province ling guohua’s relatives and friends “urged” marriage and love pressure is only spiritual, social environment is the real soil of marriage and love anxiety. Love and marriage must have the necessary material basis, which requires a stable job and a decent salary. For most young people, the limited salary is vulnerable to the high housing price and the cost of marriage. The social security is not perfect, the gap between the rich and the poor widening, all of which aggravated my marriage anxiety. I am a woman left after 80, do not want my family and friends to mention love, marriage. For their own condition is not bad why I become a leftover woman, friends, colleagues are confused, and was “left” I actually have a lot of hard to tell. Most people are still full of yearning for love and marriage, but in recent years, “divorce”, “mistress” and other words flooded the media, all kinds of film and television works on love, marriage cruel and realistic interpretation is common, which to the mind is not mature what impact we have. The g盈幣寶-基本操作reat contrast between fantasy and reality, let us in the love, marriage is full of expectations at the same time, subconsciously increase the fear of love and marriage failure, love and marriage will increasingly become a taboo in the heart. We are just ordinary post-80s, lacking the strong willpower of huazi in struggle, not to pursue the benefits provided by song siming in dwelling narrowness, not to speak of the boldness of he’s four brothers in Beijing youth. The fantasy of maturity and the reality of childish, let us can not correctly comb the attitude towards love and marriage. As a girl who is anxious about marriage and love, I hope the society will focus more on how to improve the ideological progress and maturity of the post-80s generation, and help leftover men and women relieve their marriage and love anxiety. Due to marriage returned to poverty is worth vigilance shandong junan county armed forces department li liangting Spring Festival home, neighbor wang uncle to chat with me, said recently he often dreamed that he was over 50 years old still single, scared a cold sweat. Everything happens for a reason. Uncle wang has two sons, last ye盈幣寶-充值教學ar 28 years old son in an object, the woman opened her mouth and asked a building? If not, you should have at least four well-decorated new homes, a car worth 100,000 yuan, and a 50,000 yuan gift. In order not to let the eldest son dozen bachelor, the old couple inadvertently refused, hurriedly built a few years before the house decoration, and seven collect eight borrow money, there are still 40,000 yuan gap. As parents, there is a “hurry to do the child’s wedding, the heart will be at ease” mentality. But as a result of a few years ago the idea of boys over girls, the proportion of men and women out of proportion. Now there are more men and fewer women in rural areas, and the price of girls has increased. They often need buildings, cars and diamond rings to get married. < / p > < p > see those pretty girls all staring at the town, not only the rural boys worry, parents more worried. Looking at the age of getting married to the second son, thinking about looking for object eight words is only a prime of the first son, uncle wang throat straight smoke. Anxiety like his is more common in the countryside. Parents have worked hard all their盈幣寶-下單教學 life, but when they get old, they still suffer from their children’s marriage. A peasant family married a daughter-in-law, which was like going to hell. It was like a premature frost for the farmers who had just started off on the road to moderate prosperity. Because marriage returns poor, worthy of vigilance. Fu dongmin, people’s government of xinhe town, jiujiang county, jiangxi province, can say that the biggest difficulty for young people in love and marriage is that their social circle is too narrow and there is no suitable opposite sex around. On the one hand, in order to find better development opportunities, young people often change jobs frequently and struggle alone in strange cities. Coupled with the high mobility of the population, new acquaintances may soon be separated. Traditional relatives and neighbors have less access to dating partners, which reduces the chance of marriage. On the other hand, more and more young people are becoming stay-at-home women. In my spare time, I sleep or surf the Internet. I stay at home for a long time, order take-out food and shop on taobao. Therefore, single men and women should take the initiative to盈幣寶-下載教學 go out of the room, more contact with society. For example, the popular cycling, group travel and other activities are a good platform to make friends. Work units can also timely organize some activities to increase the opportunities for young people to meet and exchange. With sincerity to win the love of Beijing shunyi district Ma Po ming-lei wang yamen village boy I was born in 1983, Beijing suburb rural people, family conditions meet the requirements of the individual girl buying homes and cars, started dating since 2006, has had dozens of girls, not somebody else does I, is I does somebody else, anxiety. Last year, the Dragon Boat Festival, through the introduction, I met a girl, I put the personal information to write an E-mail to her (including income, rural real estate, hobbies, marriage view and so on). She was moved by my honesty. Although my salary was three times higher than mine, the girl was looking for an honest poor boy like me. We are very honest with each other and we are in love now. As long as we are honest about our love, honest about our life and positive about ourselves, we will find someone we love. Thinking this through, we won’t be anxious.


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