Why can men be so hot and cold?

Many women said that after a night of sex, women are still immersed in love, men can come to a three days, a week, even half a month no news. This is a lot of women in love time often encountered problems. Why are men so hot and cold? 1, pre-marital and post-marital psychology is not the same as love, in order to pursue happiness, the man is everything, will say some kind of lies, will do some things dare not do before, and to the girlfriend baibaishun, trying to shape the perfect man in the heart of women, in the change of my own aspects quite cooperate. Private investigators find that after marriage, men slowly return to maintaining their own inertia. To the wife is no longer obedient, but often left ear into the right ear out, and no longer for the other side to change myself, he thought that it was not the original myself, and the heart of the male chauvinism let them feel as long as the wife listen to myself, which I listen to women! The man changes suddenly lets the woman have no from, can feel the man cha徵信社nged heart, no longer loves me. This is the woman did not realize that the man in love is wearing Wolf skin sheep, and after marriage he is the most real himself. Not before hand will work hard to pursue, after hand will no longer panic, no longer trust, this is a man. The only way to keep him interested in you is to keep him from getting you. 2, men’s intimate cycle every month women have menstruation, and men every month also have a few days in the mind will be extremely suppressed, unable to lift the body, this is the man’s sexual cycle, performance in the couple life is intimate cycle. They are following the form of proximity, disengagement and proximity to balance their need to be both intimate and autonomous. See a man to be far from oneself suddenly, the woman can misunderstand a man to have an affair, think the other party loves her no longer, be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, do not know to go out what problem. Actually, the man needs autonomy space very much, do not have the time of burden.婦幼徵信社 They fear that they will become too dependent and lose themselves. Even if they love another woman, they need to be alone. Men run away to satisfy their need for solitude and introspection. Like a rubber band, it stretches through and then, in the blink of an eye, bounces back. Similarly, after a period of escape, a man is intensely looking forward to love and feeling attached. In the depths of his heart there arose greater passion and excitement; He wants to give his woman more love. He wants the love of his dreams again. At this time, he is closer to women, there is no strange feeling, there is no need from the distance to close, familiar with the “transition”. When men leave, don’t try to chase them down, or punish them. The more you ask, the more enthusiastic, but the more the other party is distant indifference. This pushes the men away and blocks their way back. Men have different ways of having each other. Men and women have different ways of having each other. Men are “status quo” types whose biggest re婦幼徵信社BLOGquests are “leave me alone” and “let sleeping dogs lie.” And a lot of women, have a concept of oneself ideal man, but do not really want to find him, but to find a “plasticity” high, can be in that direction to cultivate the man. In the spirit of working together to run a marriage, men should meet women’s needs at a certain level. Maybe when you’re in love, you can handle it, but when you’re married, you’re not as resilient. A person in love and early marriage, compared to easy to bear “nurture, shape.” But for how long? You know, a person can not be himself, but must be a “nurturing, shaping” model, in the long run, not only tired, and will be very painful. The man wanted a plot where he could make a mud ball. Under the premise of matching with the woman, the private detective felt that the private plot was easier to preserve. Look at the man’s hot and cold, the woman can not be obligation attributed to himself, the man suddenly alienated, not your fault, but the man’s instinct and needs, you do not have to wor徵信社費用ry about nothing.


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