Husband by the boss bad side of the third party cluster?

盈幣寶Husband by the boss bad side of the third party cluster? My husband and I have been married for seven years and have a daughter who is three years old. We had a good time. Everything changed after we had a baby. My husband is the boss driver, and he is very busy with his work, which stems from too much social intercourse with his boss. I hope I can understand. From the time I was pregnant until the baby was one year old, we never had a husband and wife. He always used his busy work as an excuse and went home later and later. Sometimes he didn’t come back all night. After that, we argued about it so much that we even mentioned divorce. He repeated that he was sorry. For the children, I chose to forgive and let the marriage continue. But the situation did not improve much over the next three years. He would not take care of the children or go home, citing busy work or parties with friends. I communicated with him for countless times, hoping that he could get together with his family more after work, but he was always unwilling, occasionally did not go to meet friends, come back on the front of the computer to play games. I actively talk to him, he will be impatient, said work too tired, home just want to hustle and bustle. Say more about him, then quarrel with me. I didn’t want to argue with him when I was a child, so I put up with it. He even had to concentrate on driving during the day, and suspected that sleeping with the baby would affect his rest on the grounds of a separate room to sleep, such a day for three years. During these three years, he never took the initiative in conjugal life. Three or five months close once, is also my quarrel with him after he reluctantly deal with the outcome. Every time he neglects foreplay and cuts to the chase, I have no pleasure. Think I also go to work in the daytime, night to take children, but he did not understand, but also find fault. His indifference to his family and children 拆分盤made me feel cold. I remembered that I had left home alone and married him naked in spite of the opposition of my parents. However, I got the usual result. Marriage spent seven years in the noisy, this year, in the support of the parents-in-law to buy a house, because the first payment is not enough, he and my parents-in-law to negotiate let me borrow 30,000, but he actually took out the money directly returned his credit card. My in-laws and I never knew he owed so much on his credit card. When I asked him why he owed me the money, he couldn’t explain (he hadn’t given money to the family since my baby was 1 years old when I started working). I began to suspect him, thinking of the endless social engagements he usually attended and the endless phone calls he made when he got home. One day two months ago, he left one of his cell phones at home in a hurry in the morning. When someone called him, I picked up his cell phone and looked at it. The person at the other end of the line hung up as soon as he got on the line. I am out of seek strange look his mobile phone short message and mobile phone QQ, WeChat chat record. I found out he was having an affair with over ten women. All kinds of bad chat content let me more and more chilling, he even looked for the lady. That night and his big quarrel, he said: “if want to divorce, the house to you, later by your mortgage, the child you don’t want to”. The next day, I took the children back to the mother’s home, a living is a month. These days, he seldom calls me, occasionally calls also can’t say a few words to hang up, he even went to travel with the boss for a week. My parents learned about us from me. They both loved me and couldn’t. This seven years, I saw through him, two months, I was disappointed at the marriage once, a man, can’t give my child and I both love and give it to my child and I can’t, and even want to rely on into the house down payment, home necessities and never交易所 participate in, my child and I have a headache brain hot or indifference, so many things always retroactively. I really want a divorce, but I can’t willfully live for myself. If divorce, month of house just beginning is offerred, make a room even two years just, decorate even after making a room, where does these money come from? The combination of raising a baby and providing for a house is too much for my current economy. All these years I have been earning money to support the family. In addition, I also thought about the baby, parents farming, if the baby put the country, I can’t bear. If he gave me his real house after the divorce, I’d sell it and go home and start all over again. Your baby is growing up in a much worse environment than before. I seriously and parents, sisters discussed my marriage problems, their differences that temporary to gather, true not also temporary endure a few years, such as the house decoration after the divorce, and let me save more than two years, to time parents to help me take my children. Usually, he verbally confessed the mistake, but the behavior and before no difference, I was no time to take into account these, just feeling fickle, heartless. I know that my parents let me temporarily endure humiliation to save the marriage is for my good, I also know that I should start from an ideal point of view to do so, but the heart is really good suffering, every day with a strange person like him, it really has a feeling of life. Reply: in any unit, a handle the most intimate two people must be: accountant and driver. The accountant controls the financial details of the guide, while the driver controls the details of his personal life. The accountant or mentor the most trusted person, but the driver must be someone who is brave enough to be dragged down by the mentor. Meet especially lecherous guidance, if be bad as a driver, how can you get the trust of guidance again? At this level, you比特大陸r husband is being guided by him and is not going to get better as long as he continues to work at his current employer. It’s hard to say that a driver is just coaching a dog, and that your husband has a lot of lovers not because he’s a spousal spouser or a good lover in bed, but because those women are close to your husband and have an indirect relationship with him. And the reason your husband won’t touch you and doesn’t have any foreplay, even if he’s doing his duty, is because he spends so much time with you and coaching girls. This brings up another question: which is more important, the majesty of life or the weight of life? That choice is the basis of your husband’s reluctance to quit his current job and your reluctance to divorce. For your husband, you may lose a high salary if you separate him. And you separate your husband, you also listed a lot of unwilling and reluctant. In other words, while you can’t, your husband can’t. The heart is all flesh long, face you many times mention divorce, don’t your husband not to consider his attitude towards marriage? I’m sure he felt guilty, too, just trying to make amends, but there was nothing he could do. It’s like when you go home angry for a few months, your husband must be in a bad mood, but can he show it in front of guidance? In the face of guidance orders him to accompany the guidance to travel, dare to ask, your husband can say a no? Meet scum guide, the driver must do more scum. Above is your husband cannot and true, as a man, your husband originally also has lecherous side, otherwise, how can he become lecherous guide confidant? Should a word: birds of a feather gather people in groups. The advice your parents give you is cruel but effective, so you can follow your family’s advice. Don’t think of your husband too bad, such as when he has the ability to stand on his own two feet, he may not want to now such a body by oneself, if you are strong, you will not like n盈幣寶週報(2019/08/11-2019/08/16)ow like surrender.


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