Married less how to dissolve the inevitable peach blossom hook?

筆跡鑑定BLOGI am a 32-year-old woman, married with a child, stable family and relatively stable job. As a married woman, I don’t think it’s right. I don’t think it’s worth it. So I keep on having a good relationship with my husband. Until a year ago met a young promising, position, economic strength, driving a famous car, and smart, extremely smart and will do things, the conditions are very good man, he was only 28 years old, but for me very ordinary, I am not so cheap, know I basically can not grasp this man. Although two people are brewing for a period of time, but eventually get off the rails, go their own. But I was tempted, knowing that this was the best outcome for me, nothing was lost (no bed), but still felt torn apart and left a big blank. In order to fill this gap, I used my spare time to continue my study. Study is monotonous, and the study pressure is also big, every day at two o ‘clock a line, in addition to work is learning, this time know another small handsome boy “kai”. Kai’s condition is not as good as the previous one, but it’s not bad. He’s owww.daaidetective.comnly 25 years old. Civil servant, graduated from a famous school, family situation is also pretty strong, pretty good-looking, not married, is in every aspect blind date, there is no formal girlfriend. I had a couple of dates with kay, and I was sure about the frequency of the dates that I would come in once a month and chat and drink tea, but not go to bed. Just a little brother at first, at most when a picture to see. But think I get along well with him, chat more and more good, then he began to kiss me, and later on the date he more kiss more deep, more kiss more domine. At my insistence, the two stayed out of bed. Because of the nature of my work and his reason, day work time can be online, can hang QQ and MSN, we are almost every day on the Internet chat, he is better to me than the last one to me, and think he is more and more spoiled me, I enjoy this feeling. But a few days ago, he says suddenly however, want to stay away from the network later. He said: too involved in the spirit, he is a man, to think about things, to do too many things. The n政府立案徵信社ext day, I hardly saw him on the Internet. I have half a month to take the exam, now contact not much, but he still from time to time ask me about my situation, said that after I finished the exam with me to come in to play. I knew what “kai” meant, but I wasn’t sure what he meant, and I wondered what had happened to me. Private detective answer: hello, contact with the man is not wrong, but the premise is to respect your husband. You said kai was going to take you in. What do you think he could give you? Does it give you more respect, romance, love and warmth than your husband can give you, or does it only give you a moment of passion or be happier in his arms than with your husband? If be the latter, that you should analyze the relation of you and husband well, it is what reason forms this kind of circumstance, it is your marriage has a lot of “crack and be short of regret” demand is repaired; The former kind of deep communication between you and him is currently impossible to reach, because you also said that he is just a picture before your eyes. 徵信社價錢Even if really arrived, you should also ponder the result, why and he together can, in the husband together can’t? If be together with husband very sweet and beautiful, that why to choose even “kai”, the result that this excitement brings, it is you want deep thought. Life is about every ambitious person is full of hope and temptation, if you set up the right purpose, after the effort, the hope will be relatively easy to reach; But if you take the shortcut, to times the absorption of the temptation to start, then you will also have a harvest, but the harvest is really destroyed. As a result of not reasonable way the harvest can only be a temporary scenery, can not withstand the years of hardship. Like kai, do you have the confidence to spend three, five, or the rest of your life with him? If not, why did you approach him? These things require you to think deeply, when you find that you and kai together can only be temporarily happy, basically can not give you more warmth and need, I believe you will make more conducive to the status quo and marriage d ecisions, right?


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