This marriage never made me happy

LINKHe asked her for a divorce. She asks him: why? All he could say was, ‘I’m tired. This marriage never made me happy.’ She couldn’t accept the answer: all I felt in this marriage was happiness and joy. Why do we feel so different in the same marriage? Indeed, she had spent six years of marriage in his favor. What kind of favor was it? The care of life from needless to say: he picked her up to and from work, to buy food cooking is his responsibility, she caught a cold and a fever, he took tea cup water night guard, she lost sleep at night, he gently patted her back, sing lullaby to her…… Not to mention her birthday, various festivals, their acquaintance, wedding anniversary, he never forget, negligence, perfunctory, every time will try hard to arrange, be sure to let her have a surprise, but sometimes still can not make her satisfied: I had guessed, boring! Six years, she is used to life in his favor, and because of the love, feel is the happiest woman in the world, and now, he wants to withdraw, to her one uttered then, like a child, has LAbeen hold in the palm to caress, but private detective now from palm fell to the ground, she can’t adjust to anyway, dare not even think about that day… And these six years, for him, is always in please and cater to a person, is a long patience and depression, he said: sometimes she angry, I coax her: baby, don’t angry? It’s all my fault, I’m damned! But my heart is saying: you gas, gas, gas dead calculate! He said: never feel happy, and dare not tell her, if I say, she will be angry, will say: why are you not happy? Why are you unhappy? You’re not happy to marry me? ! ‘most of the time, I feel that life is a kind of suffering, and I don’t know how long I can hold on to it,’ he said. Now, the day that could not go on finally came, for him, is thinking, brewing for a long time, for her, is a bolt from the blue without warning, she cried and asked: since you want to leave me now, so why do you love me so much for so many years? Otherwise, I would not be so sad and unbearable… He was speechless. Also helpless. He didn’t want to get divorceHTd either, but was “too tired to keep up the momentum”. She was beautiful, intelligent, had a good job and a good family, and in every way they were not a good match. He had chased her for three years, doting on everything he could, until he finally got her, and she would eventually marry him because “he doted on me like a princess.” So, she, in this marriage is carefree and free, is “no matter what he will tolerate me will love me”; He, but slowly felt tired, depressed, heavy heart and depressed…… The terrible thing was that she had no idea how he felt, either because he had acted so well or because she didn’t think how he felt mattered — she was a princess, and it was how the princess felt that mattered. Probably all the girls, have a wish: hope to meet a man who can spoil their life. And love, is a kind of how energy consumption of the emotional pattern, perhaps only in love can be done – your unruly your capricious, in the eyes of the other side is so lovely, love you, is to enjoy. But to want to continue this kind of love for a lifETHetime is against the rules of emotion, probably only instinct can have this kind of unremitting enthusiasm, such as parents to their children. Men and women in marriage, private investigators believe that if one party have been enjoying the favor, and gradually feel accustomed to feel at ease, the other side, there must be some sort of courting and cater to, and depressive, 7), the original love will slowly fade, deterioration, into resentment and burden, slowly away from a heart, cold quiet, until one day, suddenly found that, there is still no your life, more relaxed and happy… Love is a kind of equal relations, its core lies in “” to each other, mutual love and devotion, the appreciation and acceptance of each other, if only to one party in tolerance, the other party to accept in capricious, the relationship will be a problem sooner or later, or, have problem in the brewing, just you didn’t notice. Fantasy is always a man like a princess like the love of the women, to be vigilant ah, the marriage of the “princess disease”, really will EOSkill the marriage.


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