Private detective, drunk husband had a female neighbor

比特幣現狀Private detective, drunk husband had a female neighbor. Last year, I found that the widow next door often told some dirty jokes to my husband, and every time we met there was a hint of leering, because of the lack of evidence, I do not want to find nothing to worry about, so continue to endure. It wasn’t until my husband didn’t come home last night and I turned off my cell phone that I felt the worst. A woman’s sixth thought informed me that her husband must be staying at the widow’s, so I got up early in the morning to look through my cat’s eyes. At about seven o ‘clock, I saw my husband walking on the catwalk from the neighbor’s house, I quickly sat down in the living room, when I heard the sound of my husband opening the door, as soon as I came in, I asked him not to return to me the night before. The husband is so say: last night and colleague drink very late, then go to KTV mad play, all drunk, in KTV and clothes sleep a rest. The facial expression of husband lie is calm, if be not my eye witness, affirmation can believe to be true, private detective this time, I can not contain any longer, hence growl way: why in 5 minutes ago, I see you from the neighbor widow house from the cat eye come out. Suddenly, my husband’s face pale, also know that I found everything, so confessed is drunk after the wrong door, on the wrong bed. Husband, said its true widow woman husband didn’t attack traffic accident, the female eyes at her husband to me, some time the husband go off work early, the woman will come to my house to chat for a while, occasional joke will sit my比特幣礦難的根源 husband thighs, occasionally touch my husband body, her husband was surprised and delighted, xi is free of fat don’t eat white don’t eat, is afraid can not control feelings I found. In those years, the husband still chose to tolerate and defend the fidelity of the marriage, but also did not fight against the titillation of the woman. The man calculate not equal to the day calculate, that woman’s husband had an accident, after this, that woman perhaps because of the body loneliness or have feelings to the husband, always take advantage of my not at home titillate husband. Their behaviour became so exaggerated that they failed to defend the last line of defence. My husband informed me that the woman in bed is very wild, very active, will use a variety of wrist to please her husband, for this, the husband had been unable to stop, even for make love addiction. Once, they in the beginning of time, the woman actually abet her husband and I divorce, the husband quit, think the woman is very terrible, for this beginning try to stay away, but every day still can receive the woman a lot of phone calls and text messages, for this, the husband did not know how to get rid of, directly affect the work mood. This is also the main reason why the husband has been drinking too much. Unfortunately, last night, he went to the wrong door in a state of confusion. Hearing what my husband said, I almost broke my heart. Since my husband and I got to know each other in college, our parents were satisfied when we got married, and our families got along very well after our marriage. I如何獲得比特幣 never thought that cheating would happen in our marriage. My husband said that the woman was like a drug, which made him addicted, but he knew that the woman must be me. My husband confessed that he would present all the scenes with her in his mind when he was with me in make love, and even thought in his heart that it would be good if I was as rampant in bed as that woman, but I didn’t take the initiative at all. I say since so, I will help your rampant with the name of divorce, but the husband lives to live not to agree, the husband informs me, the person this lifetime besides male and female love, still have more element existence and curse will from now on and that female delimit line, also pull me to widow home to say clear. It seems so rough, but I don’t understand why men cheat outside the framework of love. Reply bo friend: the man make outside marriage sex of time, be rush affection and sexual love depart, because a lot of men can get off the bed hind chic of turn around, need not bear when, need not compunction. But about the woman inside marriage, husband’s body deviation is betrayal, and the woman outside marriage thinks the man that can go to bed with her is to love him, for this, steal fishy below the state of a kind of extreme abnormal condition covet, spread. In fact, after being caught by you, all your husband’s actions are real, that is to say, for you, other women are floating clouds this is his most objective and most sincere words. One thing that many women constantly fail to understand is why a man who keeps saying that he loves himsel比特幣的特點f will attract a lot of women out of marriage in stages. As a man, I have also talked with men about this phenomenon, and my summary is as follows: 1. My children, other people’s wives. People of the world’s most difficult to replace feelings is affection, although a lot of time, there are many differences between parents and children and crowd out, but in point of 99% of the people to defend the family, with parents or children is not selected, lover can rotate, for this will be love with don’t find the lucky psychology in extramarital encounters. Two, the inertia of the new at work. Spread a word on river lake ‘brother is like arm, the wife is like dress’, if say the wife is close small cotton-padded jacket, so, the woman outside marriage is a fashionable outfit, taking the state of mind that love the new and be tired of old, outside marriage steal xing is not difficult to understand, the key is a man can be in key hour give up fashionable, but cannot leave close small cotton-padded jacket. Three, coquettish woman always let a man can not give up. Let’s say someone makes 1,000 a month and then suddenly makes 1,100 the next month. That person is happy. If someone makes $10,000 a month and $9,000 the next month, that person is unhappy. Private detective reminds when the man met unexpectedly outside marriage the woman that compares a wife to be able to operate room thing, affirmation can’t give up, for this, want to change husband to the miss of the woman outside marriage, that tries to be in oneself criterion according to keep under, appropriate academic ass五個問答讓你秒懂區塊鏈原理及應用ociation is open.


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