Private detective, can your husband have an affair with mistress?

徵信社 評價Private detective, can your husband have an affair with mistress? I have only been married for five years. I used to be so sad that I didn’t know myself. I couldn’t see any sunshine in my life. My husband and I are comfortable love to marry, he in front of hundreds of people, in the square of the park cheated all kneeling on the ground to propose to me…… I have never been able to remember my vows. For a man who loved me so much to have a woman outside of me who was not in any way superior to me except for being a few years younger than me, I feel that I have suffered the greatest insult of my life. However, I can’t get my husband back from that woman, I tried many methods are of no help, mother-in-law, father-in-law and sister-in-law, have come forward to intervene, he has no private opinionated ideas…… Now I really feel very helpless ah. I keep trying to talk to that woman, whether it’s hard or soft, and I have to figure out a way to get her out, or my three-year-old daughter is really unlucky. However, I remember you said in the blog, let us women in the husband derailed after don’t casually go to talk about small three, but did not clarify the real reason, do not know you can help me analyze why? Private detective answer: a lot of men are such, he love you of time is liu xi徵信社找人ang, do not love you of time is yao Ming. He can chase you at any obstacle to chase you rampant, once the change of heart, you have to look up at him everywhere, and then great strength can not pull back. Therefore, women should have a sense of crisis, do not change his heart to regret. Any time should be better to myself, to be financially independent, emotional self-reliance, as long as you will control my fate. Yes, I still do not advocate the temple to talk to the mistress. Not to take the initiative to find her, not to say that you are afraid of her, not to say that you will be so humble and admit defeat, but there are four reasons: one, as long as you do not divorce, she can not and you have equal identity; Zhenggong take the initiative to see small three, no doubt is to give a small three and your stage competition opportunity. But the truth is, she has no legal or moral equivalent. If you go looking for her, also represent you on a certain level of the ganbei inferior, that is, indirectly inform her, you once to your husband exhausted, your husband once complete don’t listen to you and be controlled by her, so you just go looking for her theory, it is to beg her high and noble hand. Once had a small three to say frankly with me, she say: his wife look for me very often, quick on the ground beg me, but this also useless, love is can’t force! So, before looking for the small three, the sky is always blue initiative you must think carefully, this is worth it? Second, seeing often makes problems worse; A lot of men looking for women, not his wife thought, must be really in love with a woman. However, if you rashly go looking for that woman, it is virtually equivalent to your husband’s affairs of infidelity published in the public, your initiative will become the most official evidence of the affair. Originally men just steal, but now you turn it into open robbery, under this condition, many men will choose a road to go black. Third, do not want small three pity heart; As a mistress, unless it is a very small number of mistress, most in the beginning of the story has decided that she can not have pity. Because in she knows your husband is a married woman, but also with his intercourse of time, she struggled, she thought how to deal with you, her preparation must be more abundant than you. Unless you’re a horrible shrew, your husband won’t appreciate that. Just like a child love to eat ice cream, parents how are not willing to let him eat, until forcibly grabbed his hands of ice cream thrown away, but the child’s thirst for ice cream is more intense, he wi台灣徵信社-什麼是徵信社ll pity the ice cream was forcibly thrown away, will also take advantage of you do not pay attention to the time, to buy another ice cream. Therefore, parents need to talk clearly with the child, let him know that eating ice cream will cough, how bad will be to the body, as long as the treatment of the basic psychological problems, ability from the basic root. Fourth, you fight your husband, not your mistress. As far as I know, many women’s first thought after their husbands cheat on them is how much they hate the mistress. In fact, this is a big mistake, you and xiao SAN are victims, xiao SAN even more serious than you suffered, but it seems that she is self-inflicted, and you are innocent. Just a little consideration, we should understand that the focus of the whole problem upon the man, is better who tied the bell on, so you should put the focus in the struggle of the men, between you both threat bullying, and take any way to the wrist, can fix him, straight and struggle won is the crux of the problem. Consequently, the sky is blue forever often emphasize, the battlefield of woman marriage is on the bed, inside the family, if once jumped this line of the home, actually on had represented you to lose, and after losing, go looking for an outside woman to calculate account that is ver徵信社私人調查找人尋人y unwise thing.


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